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Nairaweb.ng is a leading, and independent, source of news on personal finance and investing in Nigeria.

It provides readers with information to navigate the web of risks and opportunities they face in managing their personal finance.

While the old formats of print and broadcast media were predictable and segmented in a way readers or listeners easily navigated, things have changed with the information, communication and technology revolution. One is now bombarded with an overload of information that is often of little value and yet leaves one overwhelmed.

Nairaweb.ng cuts through the verbiage to get to the salient points needed to make beneficial decisions. It collates and synthesizes all the relevant information to help with your personal financial decisions and presents them in easily digestible formats.

The editorial team is composed of seasoned professionals, who have melded their journalistic skills with their multidisciplinary experiences to curate the most relevant information to better financial management.

Our team of researchers are also available to produce analytical reports upon request on political risk, market research, as well as sectoral papers on aspects of Nigerian business, politics and economy.

We provide companies and organizations the opportunity to reach a wider audience through sponsored publications on our website.

Nairaweb.ng is a unit of Italthings, a Nigerian media company. Office address: Plot 17 Jubilation Golf Estate, Dakwo-Lokogoma, Abuja, Nigeria.

Editor; Emeka Uzoatu Tel: +2348143255339. Email: editor@nairaweb.ng; Staff Correspondents: Bashir Olanrewaju, Chuks Emele, Sahabi Abdul, Charles Ogbonna; Contributing Editor: George Eze Emeghara

For newsfeeds, content syndication, sponsored publications and advertising,  contact us at: info@nairaweb.ng Tel: +2349069110662. Twitter: https://twitter.com/NairawebN

What We Do


We tell you all about stocks, what they’re, how they work and how you can benefit by investing. Read More…

Bonds & Tbills

For those who find bonds and Treasury bills perplexing words, the confusion is over. We tell you what’s what and you’ll know what to do. Read More…


Why is it that when the dollar sneezes the naira catches cold? We’ll tell you all about it and things won’t be the same again as you manage your funds like a pro. Read More….


Financial technology companies, better known as fintech, are playing an increasing role in the personal finance of Nigerians. These companies deploy emerging digital technologies to enable a range of services from payments to wealth management. Read More…


Having a corner of the planet to oneself with a roof over the head is everyone’s dream. Making that dream a reality is a different story altogether. Here we try to point you to pathways to finding what works. Read More…

Fixed Deposits

Having money is one thing, knowing where to invest it safely for the best returns is another things. We’ve made it our responsibility to point you in the right direction. Read More…


Many people think insurance is only about putting money away for when a tragedy occurs. It’s also about investing and returns, and we’ll tell you about it all. Read More…

Pension Funds

Planning for retirement can never start too early and pension funds are there to help you work out a plan and stick to it. We’ll tell you all about them. Read More…