Denied Anambra Land Investors Seek Soludo’s Help

Denied Anambra Land Investors Seek Soludo’s Help

By Adanma Ebere

A group of land investors in Anambra state who paid for more than 3,700 plots of land they’re yet to receive after more than a decade, have petitioned Governor Chukwuma Soludo to intervene and resolve the impasse.

A January 23 petition seen by this publication alleges that though payments were made for the plots between 2010 and 2013 through the Anambra State Housing Corporation and its affiliated Ahocol Savings and Loans Bank, no plots have been handed over to the buyers so far.

Investors paid between 385,000 Naira and 720,000 Naira each for the plots of land totalling 3,724 for advertised and proposed estates by the state’s ministry of lands. At least, 1.4 billion naira was realized from the sale of the plots in the estates mostly located in the Mgbakwu district of Awka.

Not long after the payments were completed, the news broke that Ahocol Savings and Loans Ltd was forced into receivership by regulators for failing to pay its statutory fees to the monetary authorities. Subsequently, no further information was provided to buyers on the status of their transactions and they have been unable to take possession of the property they paid for.

Below is a breakdown of the minimum payments that went to the state government on each sold plot:
I. Application for a plot of land 10,000 naira
ii. Payment for a plot of land 180,000 naira
iii. Acceptance Fee 10,000 naira
iv. Building Plan. 100,000 naira
v. Survey Plan 45,000 naira
vi. Ground Rent. 30,000 naira
vii. Power of Attorney. 10,000 naira

“This is increasingly taking the coloration of a massive heist against the Anambra State Government and the unsuspecting citizens of Nigeria,” the petitioner’s said in their letter to the governor.

The following are the twenty two (22) housing estates affected:
1.Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 1 : 700 plots.
2.Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 2: 172 plots.
3.Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase3: 86 plots
4.Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 4: 108 plots
5.Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu Phase 5: 70 plots
6&7.University Campus H/E, Ukwulu, Phase 1 and Phase 2, both: 200 plots
8.Udokamaka H/E, Isuaniocha: 178 plots
9.Chukwudolu H/E,Isuaniocha: 34 plots
10.Green H/E, Mgbakwu, PH.1:200 plots
11.Green H/E PH.2:20 plots
12.Ikemba Super Habitat H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 1: 82 plots

13. Ikemba Super Habitat H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 2: 32 plots
14.Millennium H/E, Urum, Ph.1: 200 plots
15. Millennium Urum, Ph.2: 80 plots
16.Aladinma Int. H/E, Isiagu: 450 plots
17.City Pride H/E, Isiagu: 500 plots
18.Ifedioranma H/E, Mgbakwu, PH.1: 190 plots
19.Ifedioranma Mgbakwu, Ph2: 90 plots

20. Oriental H/E, Aguleri: 200 plots
21.Legacy H/E, Mgbakwu, Ph.1: 81 plots
22.Legacy H/E Mgbakwu, Ph 2: 51 plots.