Nigerian Airlines Shelve Plan to Halt Flights

Nigerian Airlines Shelve Plan to Halt Flights

By Sahabi Abdul

Nigerian airlines shelved a plan to halt flights on Monday in protest at rising costs of aviation fuel and instead went into negotiations with the government.

The Airline Operators of Nigeria received promises from the government “to urgently intervene in the crisis being faced by airlines due to the astronomic and continuously rising cost” of aviation fuel, president of the group, Abdulmunaf Sarina, said in a statement.

After considering the likely impact a shut down will have on the economy and national security, members opted for dialogue with the government, he said.

Flight operations resumed across the country on Monday, according to reports. But there were few passengers at some of the airports, while some delays were reported at the Abuja airport.

Nigerian airlines have come under pressure from a spike in fuel prices, which was due to higher crude oil prices caused by the war in Ukraine.