6 Discos Get Approval to Raise Electricity Tariff

6 Discos Get Approval to Raise Electricity Tariff

By Chuks Emele

Nigerian electricity consumers in seven distribution zones across the country are to pay between 5 percent and 8 percent more after the regulator approved new tariff rates.

They include the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company catering to the commercial capital, Lagos and the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company that oversees the oil-industry centre of Port Harcourt. Other distribution companies covered by the new rates include those based in Jos, Kano, Kaduna in central and northern parts of the country, and Ibadan in the southwest.

They have received approval from the National Electricity Regulatory Commission to effect prices rises of 5.3 percent, 7 percent and 8 percent for different categories of consumers, according to the latest multi-year tariff order issued by the regulator. The new rates are deemed effective from February.

Nigerian electricity consumers are having to pay more in recent years as government subsidy maintained since the privatization of the state power utility in 2013 are eased off.

Consumers have also frequently complained of lack of improvement in supply since private investors took over the sector.