May 2020 Domestic and Foreign Portfolio Investment Report

The value of transactions on the Nigerian Stock Exchange fell 7.4 percent in May to 119.15 billion naira (about USD307.32 million) from 128.67 billion naira (aboutUSD332.22 million) in April, the Nigerian Stock Exchange said in its monthly report.

On the year it represented a 46.12 percent decline from 221.13 billion naira recorded in May 2019. During the same period there were more domestic investments than foreign-portfolio transactions by a margin of about 40 percent. Total domestic investments from the beginning of the year to the end of may stood at 534.37 billion naira campared with total foreign portfolio deals at 340.29 billion naira.

Month-on-month domestic investments rose by 11.15 percent to 83.91 billion naira versus 75.49 billion in April. Conversely, foreign investments fell 33.73 percent to 35.24 billion naira from 53.18 billion naira in April.

During May, retail buyers edged out institutional investors by a margin of 0.6 percent, with transactions surging 4.4 percent to 42.19 billion naira, compared with an 18.96 percent decline in institutional investments to 41.72 billion naira.

NSE data show that over a 13-year period the value of domestic transactions fell 72 percent to 985 billion naira in 2019 from 3.6 trillion naira in 2007. Foreign portfolio investments jumped by 53.1 percent during the same period to 943 billion naira from 616 billion naira in 2007.

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